BOET has been a manufacturer of taps since 1928, although its origins go back to the year 1850 with the establishment of its precursor Casa Teis.

Feliu Boet started developing models of taps that stood out for their technical simplicity and durability, as a result of a long tradition, effort and personal care in the manufacture of each piece. It was the beginning of a commitment that continues today.

For FELIU BOET, every day is a new step forward because we renew our commitment to the future. Each new initiative, each new effort, improves the path we started more than 150 years ago.

Throughout these years, professionals and users have found answers to their needs, in the products of FELIU BOET, because from the beginning of our activity we understood that the manufacture of our range of products did not depend only on the advanced manufacturing systems and rigorous quality control systems, but also our commitment to the professional and the user.

Our present as a manufacturer of taps, is focused on the development of new ecological and sustainable faucets. Water saving and energy consumption are two factors that marks out our evolution together with the offer of technical solutions that adapt to these premises.

Mixer flow reducer, taps with cold opening, shower sprinklers and manuals with self cleaning system, etc., are available products in our Catalog 2018 along with other novelties that we invite you to discover on this website.

Quality certifications

The products of FELIU BOET, are manufactured in accordance with the European quality standards subject to regulations
(UNE-EN 19703, UNE-EN-817, UNE-EN-111…) offering a product with the safety, reliability and durability expected.

From the raw material, to the final product, it is subjected to a strict quality control, including tests such as: leak test,
drive test and controls, durability, hydraulic tests, salinity resistance, etc …


The commitment of FELIU BOET is the same as in 1928 the founder of the company “made from the first to the last piece with the same quality”, and 90 years later it remains the main axis of our company.

The needs of our costumers are the stimuli that feed our vocation of service and evolution.


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