FELIU BOET has been a tap manufacturer since 1928, although the firm was born in 1850 with the setting-up of its precursor Casa Teis.

It started producing tap models that stood out for its technical simplicity and its durability, as a result of a long tradition, effort and personal care in the making of each piece. It has been the beginning of a commitment that still exists today.

To FELIU BOET, each day means a new step forward, for we renew our commitment to the future. Each new initiative, each new effort opens the way we took more than one hundred and fifty years ago.

During all these years, professionals and users have found answers to their needs through the products of FELIU BOET because from the beginning of our activity, we have understood that the creation of our product range do not only depend on the advanced systems of making and the rigorous quality control systems but also on its commitment with the professional and the user.